Monday, November 7, 2011

Know Your Rights

"Number 3
You have the right to free
Speech as long as you're not
Dumb enough to actually try it...

You have the right to remain silent
You are warned that anything you say
Can and will be taken down
And used as evidence against you..."
The Clash, Know Your Rights

Alright, so if I remember it correctly, we get out of the Garden and there are police everywhere. I guess it was suspicious when we just kinda disappeared after the ruckus Dad caused, and the local law enforcement decided now was the best possible time to come do their job.
They start asking questions and some of the people were a little concerned about me not having an arm anymore. I think someone said something about us having really great effects, and how it really looked like my arm was gone and it really looked like my skin was made of gold. I think that was when Gunnar and I kinda glanced at one another, deciding this was kind of a fortuitous setup for the type of thing we had talked about doing back in the Henge.
And hey, this way we didn't have to actually schedule anything and worry about not showing up if some Titan Avatar opted to screw with us. Looking like flakes to all of our potential adoring fans and future followers would kinda suck.
So I turned to the crowd and was like, "No, my skin is actually gold. Here, touch it." And, "Yeah, that arm is really gone. But I'll be fine. Um... Trust me, I'm the Doctor." And then I thought for a second, and figured now was the time to test my hypothesis. So I said, "I kinda need it back, now," or something like that. And then I had an arm again. It was rather straightforward, which was nice.

And then one of the officers started asking us to come to the station with him, and I was even nice enough to ride in the officer's car with him instead of being a jerk about it and insisting that I ride with Gunnar. Or not go at all. But no, I was trying to be a helpful and honest demigod, and it would have gotten me knocked unconscious if these guys had had a clue what they were dealing with.

We get to the station, they offer us drinks. Gunnar wants coffee, I want booze. I asked for vodka, repeatedly. Maybe I shouldn't have been so pushy about it, but fuck it, I did say please.
They decided to use it as an opportunity to drug me. I don't know exactly what was in it, but I drank a significant portion of the bottle before Gunnar took over, told me not to drink anymore, and finished it off himself. The officers seemed to think that Gunnar was going to need a medic. I guess they missed the part where I said "I'm the Doctor." Though, if I had been placed in this situation a year ago... well, there still wouldn't have been a problem because I've been seeing those aura things since med school and still would have known Gunnar was fine. Anyway, my point is that they were just trying to do their jobs. And their jobs were apparently to be jerks.
I also guess "Please get me some vodka, here's a really convincing look at my cleavage that you've been staring at anyway," translates to, "Yes I am completely agreeing to you trying to drug me, officer even though all I've done is agree to come to your station and answer your bullshit questions."

Those bullshit questions included stuff about who my dad was, which I told him: "No, that was really Apollo."
"Right... last name?"
Guess he wasn't impressed when I shrugged and said, "Pythias?"
And I tried to assure him that yes, we were the children of gods and yes, the gods were coming back to earth and no, he didn't believe any of it.
I showed him Sibyl. He thought I was crazy and about to start shooting the place up, so I set her down and told the guy that if he made a move for her, he would regret it. Hell, I even pulled Mercy out of thin air, showing him how the tattoo reappeared when I put her away. And I told him if I was crazy, so was he because at least he was having the same damn hallucinations.

He said something that sounded like an attempt to confiscate my fucking relics, which was met with a resounding "Hell no" from me. And I'm pretty sure that's when we got tired of this shit.
Gunnar lit up like a... I dunno, something bright. All glowy and adamant that we were leaving now.

Anyway, with all of that bullshit over, Gunnar finally took the time to eat one of those apples. It worked. Like, the years melted off of him and I had MY Gunnar back. Not that the other guy was by any means a total stranger, just... I dunno. It's hard to explain. It's like going off to college and you and your best friend from high school go to different states and then meet up four years later and you're still on the same page and you can still talk about the same stuff, you're just speaking different languages now. It was like that. Kinda.
He was Gunnar, but he was different. He got older, more mature but I... really didn't. He kinda left me behind. He spoke differently and he looked rougher (and I'm shallow for even mentioning it, but dammit, I'm shallow. I missed the way he looked before) and yeah he was a little sweeter and a bit more charming but... well, he wasn't my Gunnar. If I'd wanted someone who was sweeter and more charming, I would have married that guy instead.
But I wanted Gunnar. I wanted the guy with the crazy grin, the guy who shot the Devil's son and blew up dragons and while the guy who stole Tesla's spindle was still Gunnar and I love him no matter what... I just missed the guy I married. The guy who swears as much as I do and loves the Cubs.
I missed his black hair and bright eyes and energy and didn't even realize how much until he was standing in front of me again.
So yeah, police debacle and all, I'm calling this one a win.

I still can't believe they tried to roofie me. I'm pretty sure that's not technically legal.
Mortals are dicks.

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