Monday, August 1, 2011

Run with the Wolves

Dear Diary:
Today I walked into Wolfsheim and took their statue.
Well, there was a little more to it than that. We gathered the troops together before deciding to just head over to Wolfsheim and get it over with.
I talked to Fenrir’s kids, to let them know what I was doing there. Well, they asked. They wanted us to hunt with them. I agreed, at first. Then I found out that when they say “hunt” they mean “set ourselves loose in an enclosed space where every member of the opposing faction is housed so we can slaughter them.” I backed out when I figured that part of it out. Anyway, they told me as long as the people didn’t mind I could take the machine. I guess those wolves really don’t like Heimdall though, they said they weren’t going to let Gunnar in. It didn’t stop him, of course. I mean, I saw him walk up the path towards the way out of the village, and then all of a sudden when I was up next to the mayor’s house, he was just next to me. Grinning. All nonchalant, with just a “Hey Laurel.”
Like we hadn’t just walked away from the wolves of Ragnarok, the ones who are supposed to eat the sun and moon. After a surprised doubletake, I couldn’t help but grin back. Kassandra and I found the mayor, with some translation help from Nevermore.
Something’s up with that bird. He wasn’t really talking to me or looking at me which means he’s done something he shouldn’t have, or he’s thinking about doing something he shouldn’t have, or he’s thinking about something he’s done that he shouldn’t have.
Anyway. Because the gods have a sense of humor and I didn’t think to learn German, the bird was my translator. The mayor said it was fine to take the statue – which, by the way, is fucking creepy. It’s like a roach motel for the dead, as far as I can tell. They check in, but they don’t check out. So Nate was carrying that, and Gunnar slipped away again because the wolves came back and asked their uncle, Harlan the Blondie, to hunt with them. He said he would, then he trapped them underground with the goblins. No love lost between family members, I guess.
Then we got beyond the boundaries of Wolfsheim and I prayed to Dionysus like I was supposed to and he showed up and took the machine. Then another Dionysus showed up with Zeus, and the first Dionysus became Loki and I called out for Odin who showed up with Thor and then there were leaves everywhere and Dionysus wasn't the Situation anymore, he was just a blonde Greek guy who'd fucked everything up.
I distinctly remember crossing my arms and looking at him with my jaw clenched, saying nothing except that he was late and he'd better still keep his end of the deal.
On the bright side, if there can possibly be one, now we know what Loki looks like... sometimes.
So now we’re spending some time getting ready for the trip into Helheim, laying in supplies and such. Gunnar’s buying some explosives.
It’s going to be interesting.

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